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We have covered a number of Minterne House Weddings in the past, however Rob & Steve’s Same Sex Wedding was a first for us. No rhyme or reason as to why it took us 8 years to get asked, just the way things went.

This Dorset wedding venue is a beautiful family home that holds a select few wedding celebrations each year. We were looking forward to it, wanting to push the boat out, getting a great set of images along with trying something new.

We primarily work within wedding photography within which to tell the wedding story. This time we wanted to evolve and build upon this further including video, audio and drone wedding videography. All powerful tools that give a new dimension to the narrative.

Our first gay wedding was a blast. More detail than you could shake a stick at, but on top of this a huge amount of fun and emotion. The two vital elements we thrive upon as Dorset Wedding photographers and videographers.

Splicing everything together came easily with the rich audio soundtrack telling their story. Having met with Steve the proceeding week to do a mini interview, we combined selected clips along with the wedding ceremony vows, and wedding breakfast speeches. This became the backbone to the film. Aerial drone work setting the scene, video capturing the action, confetti, balloons release and dancing.

The film was our creative indulgence, with the couple giving us free reign to experiment. They loved it, we loved it – so now starts our new venture within story telling!

We are wedding photographers that capture wedding day stories. Often working between media as Wedding videographers, we will artistically capture your wedding day story creatively and uniquely.

Steve & Rob’s Gay wedding at Minterne House had so many beautiful aspects, from the scene setting venues, to the details. The energy shared within chaotic party games, fabulous speeches and love all round delivering a photographic and filmic record that we and the couple are particularly proud of.

If you are looking for a Dorset Wedding Photographer or Wedding videographer, do check out our folios. We would love to hear from you.


  1. Rob mintern james
    July 24, 2017 / Reply

    Wow that really captures the whole of the day. Thankyou so much Linus you did an amazing job.

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