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Old Down Manor Wedding Photography

What a romantic wedding this was at Bristol wedding venue Old Down Manor. Stylish, modern, and beautiful!

I was so excited to be returning to Old Down Manor, Bristol for wedding photography. It was a year before I had photographed there and I knew all the possibilities it had. The hallway is modern with a grand chandelier and a beautiful staircase, the rooms are light and crisp, and the grounds are dreamy.

Vic and Josh’s wedding was so stylish and modern with gorgeous wedding decor ideas. They had 4 large letters lit up spelling ‘love’, they had peonies on the banisters and on the tables, and Vic’s choice of wedding hair and wedding dress was classic.

I started the wedding photography taking photos of their cat, Beebee! She just came along to where I was photographing the wedding shoes and decided to sit right next to them. To me, this is super cool. I love pets at weddings, they have such awesome personalities and characteristics.

During the ceremony all the sisters gave a reading, and it was beautiful and emotional for them. One of the things I love as a wedding photographer is seeing the glances the bride and groom give one another throughout the day when they think no-one is watching. It’s that heartwarming, novel, and hopeful feeling of contemplating that you now have a husband/wife.

The speeches were full of emotion, you can see it in the look they give each other, the light touch of her hand on his to tell him she’s supporting him. Then the best man gave his speech and there were so many hilarious (and shocked) expressions!

There’s usually a slow down in plans for the day after the speeches, and before the evening guests arrive, and during this part we can have more fun with the wedding photography. Jumping, running, throwing the bouquet, anything goes!

The day ended with a golden warm sunset, top dance moves, and putting props on for their photo booth!


  1. November 29, 2017 / Reply

    Stunning venue! x

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