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Hi! I’m Amy, I am a creative documentary photographer from Devon shooting in the Southwest, UK and destination weddings world-wide.

I wouldn’t describe myself as your typical wedding photographer. For me, the love of the art is in capturing the honest story, emotions and interactions as your wedding day unfolds and though at times I may offer you guidance, help and support I don’t force you into roles you don’t want to take, or suggest you produce something you feel is disingenuous. Instead I prefer to allow your day to play out uninterrupted as far as possible to produce an accurate reflection of every moment you, your friends, your family and everyone in-between lived through on your big day.

To me, being a creative documentary photographer doesn’t mean that I’m simply capturing snapshots but instead I would class myself as an active observer. I am often pre-empting moments before they happen, waiting for them to come together naturally and beautifully for me to document, much of the time shooting discreetly and unobtrusively but at times jumping in the midst of the action; on the dancefloor, under the confetti – you’ll still probably not notice I’m there though, you’ll be too busy enjoying yourselves!

What you will notice is that your images come alive, and how you can relive your day full of the atmosphere as it happened.

I would class myself as a ‘creative documentary photographer’ rather a straight-out photojournalist because I do also take time to let your personalities and lifestyles influence your portraits, with double-exposures combining, reflections and negative space reflecting my take on the scene in front of me. But I still take care to ensure that this is relaxed and fun.

There is a privilege and depth to being chosen to photograph your wedding day. Even though I have so many weddings under my belt, I still feel a frisson for each as I get caught up in your own excitement and anticipation. You’ll quite likely find me cracking up at the best man’s speech or shedding a tear at the peak of the ceremony behind my camera, the emotions are infectious and I think that is what really influences how I photograph.

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