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Hello guys, I’m Fiona. It all started for me when someone said one day, “you’re pretty handy with a camera aren’t you, why don’t you give that a go?” and the rest is history. It’s funny that when something is right in front of your face you rarely see it. Using a camera feels so normal to me that I didn’t see that I had a good eye for it. When I was at school we were never told that running your own business as a wedding photographer was an option. We were told all about the well-known roles such as teacher, secretary, doctor, lawyer, etc. After my psychology degree ended this was when I was at a turning point. It seemed such a natural progression for me as I adore weddings, and I love taking pictures.

Ten years later and I’m still pressing that shutter button. When I don’t have a camera in my hand I’m still mentally taking pictures as I automatically see ‘shots’ wherever I look!

Photography is second nature to me; in fact it’s part of my nature. I love how it slows down time. Time is such an elusive concept and photography is one way of exploring that.

It’s often said that it’s the small moments that turn out to be the most meaningful at the end of your life, so if I can capture and preserve those small moments then I might be able to extend that unique feeling a bit longer.

My approach is largely about a few things; I’m always looking to incorporate beautiful landscapes into the shots. I love nature, so getting out amongst the trees with a couple is so exciting, and even more so when we’re doing romantic and intimate photos which I focus on a lot. I also love capturing those emotional moments too, and lastly the creative shots, particularly night time ones with off camera flash.

Working out of the south west, right on the border of Devon and Somerset, I photograph all around this area but also the rest of the UK. I’m hugely keen on doing a wedding in Italy; it’s on my bucket list!

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