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Kevin Belson

Kevin Belson Photography is a husband and wife team of Wiltshire wedding photographers. Our pitch is simple. No drama just gorgeous images. We shoot beautiful photojournalistic images throughout the day, always on alert for moments between people. Moments that may be funny, emotional and sometimes a bit weird. You may ask if you need two photographers. We cover both preps, different angles in the ceremony and lots of your guests having a great time. That means that you get to see the day as it unfolds from both perspectives all the way through to the end. We capture expressions so you see how your family and friends were feeling and what they were up to during the day. You get to see an authentic story. What happened as it happened and who was happening. We get stuck in, close up, so you are put in the picture with your guests. We get in the thick of the dance floor so you get dramatic energetic images.

But that’s not all…

At some point when the light’s right we’ll take you for some portraits. We don’t plan time for photographs because we want you to spend you wedding day with your family and friends. We’ll take you away when there’s a few minutes and make some cool, contemporary, creative portraits. No need to be scared, we work quickly and without fuss and we’ll have you back in no time.

So that’s us. Two Wiltshire wedding photographers covering both perspectives from beginning to end with no drama, just beautiful images. We call it Creative Photojournalism

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