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Hello! I’m Naomi and am super pleased that you’re here and having a look through my work. I’m the Photographer behind Lush Imaging and am based in Gloucestershire (although you’d be forgiven for assuming I was more West Country with the name Lush!) but my work takes me all over the UK and to Europe.

Are you engaged and planing your wedding? If so, a MASSIVE congratulations! What a lovely bubble to be in! I truly hope you’ve been enjoying the journey so far!

So you’re at the photography bit! Exciting stuff. Well, I’m sure you’ve discovered there are about a zillion, very talented photographers out there to choose from! That’s always good news for you folks. Take your time, have a good scout around, it’s important that you find the right fit for you and your day. Let your heart guide you for your style and you wont go wrong.
So, what is this ‘style’ people keep talking about? For my photography, I’d say it’s a ‘Creative Reportage’…

Maybe it’s easer to tell you why most of my couples choose Lush Imaging.
(1) Categorically, no cheese. (2) They want fun, relaxed, beautiful and creative images of their day (3) They want to be able to print their images and share with family (4) They want someone they can relax with (5) They don’t like anything too stuffy and don’t like being bossed about (or someone being all shouty)

Weddings are totally my thing and I feel so incredibly honoured to be able to capture a couples big day and call this my job. I don’t take on many weddings a year and tend to stick to around 35, which means that any couple I take on, I’m totally dedicated to and give my heart and soul.

I’m happily low maintenance, all I need is just a rough outline of your day, any really important shots you’d like to get and a canapé or two to keep my energies up! The rest of it, I’m just blending in, doing my thing.
Although I’m so proud of my work, I’m always looking to do better. I’m constantly looking for the emotions, the bonds and the feel for the day. I deliver my couples between 500-700 high res, edited images, with a mix of colour and black and white. They’re memories that will transport you back to your day, whenever you need.

I start with you a couple of hours before your ceremony to capture the morning buzz and I finish a few songs into your evening. I don’t really set a time to leave as I’m not a clock watcher and it’s nice to see people really let their hair down!

I could go on! So, if you’re still reading and feel a nice buzz reading this, then I would LOVE to find out more about your day, so please do contact at anytime.
Big Love, Naomi x

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