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A Tall Long Legged Bird

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Kerry James

Hello I’m Kerry also known as ‘A Tall Long Legged Bird!’

I’m based in Somerset and cover the whole of the Southwest of England and beyond.

A good wedding photographer is more than a technical genius, I believe to capture intimate and emotive pictures that are a true reflection of your day your photographer needs to make you feel at complete ease in their company. That’s where I come in, I like to take the time to get to know you so that you trust and allow me to get close enough to capture all of your magical moments. By the time your wedding day arrives we will have built a relationship and you can completely relax and forget I’m there, just enjoy your day and leave the photos to me.

It’s also important that your guests take a shine to me otherwise I’m going to get the cold shoulder treatment! I’m always friendly and spend lots of time smiling and winking; this works a treat! Once they know I’m not one of those grumpy photographers who yells at everyone they tend to let their guard down and I can fire away and capture the true atmosphere of the day.

Generally I like to work alone so I can really get stuck into the day and find my happy place where I’m at my most creative, I look for light, love & laughter. I don’t set shots up and you don’t even need to look at me, I will work around you & the environment as discreetly as possible. That said…usually there will be a part of the day where we can take some group photos of the family and the bridal party in their finery, we will also take what I refer to as ‘some romantic shots’ of the two of you together.

I document your whole day as if it was a story without words, you’ll be able to pull these photos out in 50 years time with the grandchildren and relive your love story. I will capture real moments; real expressions so that you can remember the day & the people as if it was yesterday, you won’t need words or sound just a tissue to catch your tears!

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