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Lacock Wedding Photography

A tractor ride from Lacock Church across the fields to Amy’s parent’s farm house Marquee reception. You had me at “Tractor ride.”

Lacock is a beautiful village in the heart of Wiltshire. It’s always bustling with tourists and is home to Amy’s family, where her great Grandfather built their house and where Amy & John decided to have their countryside wedding in the beautiful St Cyriac’s Church and wedding reception in an amazing garden marquee. Wiltshire wedding photography doesn’t get much better than this.

I met up with John and the groomsmen in the morning just as they discovered that the best man’s waistcoat was 3 sizes too big. As John is originally from Canada and his best man was his brother they had to guess his size. Unfortunately they got it wrong. A frantic call to the tailor, a replacement sent out by courier and the day was saved.

The prosecco was flowing when I arrived to the girls at the house. No dramas here just calm. A few nibbles, makeup and hair done. Amy looking incredible in her dress and it was time for me to move on to the Church.

I must shout out to the vicar who was absolutely lovely. When I asked him where I could photograph from he said “Anywhere. Do whatever you like.” Amazing and very rare so thank you for that. Amy & John had requested that I didn’t move around so I still remained unobtrusive but even so a vicar like that deserves a mention.

After the ceremony and the confetti Amy & John jumped on the tractor trailer much to the delight of the tourists and headed off across the fields to the wedding marquee (much to the delight of me). The trip wasn’t quite as magical as it could have been. Halfway through the rain started and we gave them an umbrella to sit under – poor old Granddad had to drive without cover. Then as they made their grand entrance to the marquee wedding venue another guest, camping in the next field tried to drive through the hedge at the same time so there as a slight jam while it was sorted out.

John’s family are spread between England and Canada which meant that it was more than just two families coming together for a Wiltshire wedding. It was one of those rare, joyous occasions where relatives usually kept apart by oceans get to meet and catch up before being separated again until the next wedding. The whole day was full of fun and laughter. The speeches were emotional as old friends, dispersed across the globe caught up and shared memories. As the night fell the band struck up and everyone partied into the night.

A beautiful countryside wedding is a gift for a Wiltshire wedding photographer like me. Even with the rain it was still a fabulous day with many highlights and one that I’ll remember for a long time.


  1. October 29, 2017 / Reply

    Lovely. Like the tractor shots

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